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Blogs  Blogging

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Blogging In Plain English:



Blogging Platforms:


  • - Blog host owned by Google. Great for journaling, publishing, and connecting with other writers with similar interests.
  • - Free blog hosting service.
  • - Blogging for elementary and middle school.  Gives teachers a lot of control.
  • - Allows teachers to set up class blog accounts and manage the settings and permissions for students in their class.
  • - Blog host designed for educational use.
  • Blog host that gives teachers a lot of control.
  • Simple but visually attractive blog hosting platform.
  • - Combine photos, video, and audio to create multimedia scrapbooks or scrapblogs.
  • - Intuitive interface Online Journal
  • - very nice and simple blogging and website hosting platform.
  • - Visually rich and extremely customizable blogging platform. Not so much for text but more for multimedia. 


Other resources:


Where can we find your blog?



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