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Connectivism  Personal Learning Networks

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  • May 28th, 2010  noon-4:00pm (Central Time)


Elluminate Session:






Introduction & Community Building

  1. What is a personal learning network (PLN)?
  2. Create PLN diagram 
    1. list of free online mindmapping & diagram tools - Make a diagram of your own PLN.

    2. Carl's PLN Map
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What is Connectivism? 

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  1. Read Excerpt from Connectivism: A Learning Theory for the Digital Age (Siemens, 2004)
  1. setup a personal blog 
  1. setup an RSS reader
  2. Find and subscribe to blogs
  3. Webmail
  1. setup a Twitter account
  2. Start following people
  3. engage in conversations 
  • Between Between Now & November (next session)

  1. Assignment:

    1. Write a reflective blog post on today's session.
    2. Between now and our November session post at least one reflective blog post each month.
    3. Comment on other blogs at least once a week.
    4. Engage in at least one conversation on Twitter (the only way to know if it is for you is to spend some time with it)
    5. Look ahead to our next session and explore the links posted here on this wiki.  Create either a Delicious or Diigo account. 
  • Closing Reflection






Links and Resources:


Session Presentation:


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